Website Terms and Conditions

1. General
Welcome to the website operated by Northquip Inc CANADA. This notice sets out certain general conditions governing your use of all parts of the Website. By using the Website, you agree to all of the matters set out in this notice. There are other policies relevant to, and conditions governing, your use of particular parts of the Website such as the NorthquipTerms and Condition of Sale. By using the Website, you similarly agree to those conditions, which are supplementary to the conditions contained in this notice.

2. Product Warranty
Any second hand and/or second grade products are sold without a guarantee or warranty. New products are sold with the manufacturer’s warranty or part warranty as applicable., its affiliated companies or its advertisers cannot be held liable for any claims that may be made.

3. Basis of Provision 
The Website and each Service rely in part on factors outside control and does not provide any guarantee that the Website or any Service is fault-free.  
Without liability to you, may at any time and without notice to you:  
a. Shut down or suspend the Website or any Service
b. disconnect or deny you access to the Website or any Service.
c. make improvements and changes to the Website. 

4. Information You Provide
Where you provide information to electronically through the Website, you must provide accurate, complete and current information. You agree to update this information from time to time to ensure that its accuracy, completeness and currency is constantly maintained

You agree that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy and that as a member of the Arrow Farmquip Group, will deal with information supplied by you in connection with your use of the Website and/or a Service in accordance with the terms of that policy.

5. In using the Website and/or a Service, you agree:
a. to maintain the confidentiality of all your Service identification and log-in information;
b.  that you are responsible for any disclosure or loss of Service identification or log-in information;
c. to notify immediately if you lose your Service identification or log-in information;
d. to comply with all directions of relating to the use of the Service;
e. that you are entirely responsible for all activities that occur under or in respect of any Service account you open;
f. that you will immediately notify of any unauthorised use of a Service account or other breach of security of which you are aware;
g. that the Content is valuable information and belongs exclusively to; and
h.  not to alter the Content or develop any derivative works from the Service.

6. What You Must Not Do
In using the Website and/or a Service, you agree that you must not, whether directly or indirectly:
a. carry out activities, or post or transmit any information or materials, which infringe a third party's rights, are contrary to any relevant standards or codes or breach any laws or regulations;  
b.  interfere with another individual's or entity's use and enjoyment of the Service or similar services;
c. conduct or send surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming or other duplicative or unsolicited messages (whether commercial or otherwise);
d.  defame, harass, stalk or threaten any person;
e. publish or distribute any defamatory, obscene, indecent or unlawful material or information that could otherwise give rise to civil or criminal proceedings;  
f. collect information about others, including email addresses;
g. create a false identity for the purpose of misleading others as to the identity of the sender or the origin of any message;  
h. transmit or upload any computer programs or other material in breach of any intellectual property laws, rights of privacy or any other applicable laws;
i. interfere with or disrupt networks connected to the Service or violate the regulations, policies or procedures of such networks; or  
j. attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Service, other accounts, computer systems or other networks connected to the Service, through password mining or any other means. This includes, without limitation;
k.  attempting to access information or data for which the user has no authorisation;
l. attempting any breach of system or network security;
m. attempting to introduce a virus to's computer system or network;
n. sending unsolicited e-mails through's computer system or network.
o.  Any violations of a Service, the Website or any Northquip system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability.

7. Monitoring  the Service
Without limiting the terms of the Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that may (but is not obliged to) monitor your use of any Service.

8. Changes may vary any of the conditions contained in this notice at any time by posting notice of any variations on this page. Your continued access to the Website and use of a Service after such notice will constitute acceptance of the variation.

9. Personal Right
Unless otherwise agreed by, your right to use any Service that involves password controlled access is personal to you. You cannot give this personal right to someone else and you must not allow any other person to access or use the relevant Service using your password.

9. Website is protected by Intellectual Property Laws Website is protected by Intellectual Property Laws
You acknowledge that:
a. copyright in the material accessible from the Website (including all text, graphics, layouts and images) is owned by Arrow Farmquip. Northquip and certain third parties and all rights are reserved in that copyright;  
b. registered and unregistered trademarks owned by (or other members of the Arrow Farmquip Group) are displayed on and are also accessible from the Arrow Farmquip Website 
c. You must not use any copyright material or trademarks referred to above except in the manner described below.
d. You may:  make temporary copies to the extent necessary to browse the Website on screen; and  
e. unless otherwise stated, download or print a single copy of such copyright material and/or trademarks for personal, private or research use provided that, in doing so, you must not make any alterations to the copyright material or trademarks (including to any applicable copyright or trade mark notice or disclaimer).

10. Links are not Endorsements
a. Any links or frames connecting the Website with other websites are for convenience only and do not mean that endorses or approves those responsible for those other websites or the information accessible from them.
b.  Any links to or frames of the Website are permitted but reserves the right to prevent linking or framing immediately by giving notice.

11. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
a. To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither nor any of Northquips officers, employees, agents, contractors or related bodies corporate (including without limitation Arrow Farmquip) for any loss, damage, costs or expenses suffered by you, or claims made against you, through or arising in connection with your use of the Website or any Service, any failure to provide the Website, any information ordinarily available from it or in connection with any products, services (including the Services) or information supplied, offered to be supplied or advertised through or via the Website. 
b. To the maximum extent permitted by law and subject to any express warranty, condition or representation agreed in writing by, all warranties, conditions and representations about the Website, including the availability of the Website or any Service for use, the products and services (including the Services) advertised or available to be supplied through or via the Website and the information available from or linked to the Website, are excluded. 
12. Severability
If any provision contained in this notice is prohibited, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that provision will, as to that jurisdiction, be ineffective to the extent of the prohibition, invalidity or unenforceability only and without invalidating the remaining provisions contained in this notice or affecting the validity or unenforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction.

13. Waiver
If does not act in relation to a breach by you of this notice, this does not waive right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches.

14. Inconsistency
You are bound by this notice and any conditions governing your use of a particular Service. If there is any inconsistency between any condition set out in this notice and any specific condition governing a particular Service, the specific condition governing use of the particular Service will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

15. Applicable Law
You agree that the laws of Manitoba in Canada apply to this notice. You submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

16. Questions
If you have any questions about the terms of use, please contact the Northquip Call Center on 1 866 999 5807 or email us  


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